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Danny opened his business, Danny Kildare Photography, at age 24. Since then, his Photography has been used and seen both nationally and internationally.

Over the years Danny has built a reputation for high end quality images published in many prestigious books and magazines. Danny’s Photography is a key element to marketing and image building to a diverse range of companies.

Danny possesses an eye for detail that is dynamic, and the ease at which he performs his work is a trademark of his level of professionalism and dedication to detail. Danny’s work has been featured by Australia’s finest Landscapers and Interior Designers alike.

Danny has developed a reputation and understanding of garden Landscapes through photographing the Chelsea Flower show in London; Sydney In Bloom and the Melbourne International Flower and Garden Show.

Danny has been assigned to many exciting locations, some of which include: London, Hong Kong, Paris, The Kimberley’s, New Zealand and Brunei.

A great understanding of light and publishing allows Danny’s clients to obtain the highest possible quality outcome no matter the medium in which his images are used. Danny is well-regarded within the photography industry and has often been asked to speak and write about Photography across many genres.

Danny Kildare

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